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Jersey Fire issue advice for tonight's RED weather warning

Jersey Fire & Rescue have issued some helpful advice for islanders across the Bailiwick's ahead of tonight's Red weather warning.

Advice: Park cars in safe areas Credit: Calvin Baudains

The latest reports say winds could reach Force 10, between midnight and 3am.

Following a multi-agency meeting today, plans are in place to deal with the storms tonight "as effectively as possible".

Station Commander Marc Le Cornu of Jersey Fire & Rescue hopes the safety advice will help the public.

Before the storm people are being warned to:

  • Secure loose object such as garden furniture, bins, trampolines, plant pots etc.
  • Help vulnerable friends or neighbours to prepare, if they need it.
  • Secure doors & windows so they aren’t ripped out by the wind.
  • Park cars in safe areas to avoid potential damage from falling debris.
  • Clear outdoor drains from debris to avoid possible flooding.
  • Boat owners, check your moorings.
  • Building Site Operators, make sure sites are secure before leaving.

During the storm, islanders are being told to:

  • Stay indoors
  • If you must go out, expect falling debris such as roof tiles, branches and possibly falling trees.
  • Don’t drive unless absolutely necessary.
  • If you do drive, put lights on and drive at a slower speed and expect to find debris on the road.
  • Don’t go outside to repair damage until the storm has passed.

After the storm, Jersey Fire say:

  • Don’t touch any fallen damaged cables.
  • Be wary of potentially weakened trees, branches and roof tiles when venturing out.
  • Help vulnerable friends and neighbours to make any arrangements for repairs.

Islanders are also being urged to take extra care on the roads during the storms.

The warning comes after a vehicle ended up on its side after a crash on La Grande Route De Saint-Martin this morning.

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