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Festive Fitness: common sense key to Christmas balance, says trainer

Photo: PA

A leading fitness trainer in Jersey has revealed to ITV News his guide for staying in shape over the notoriously indulgent Christmas period.

Craig Culkin knows better than most the challenges of mixing a work/life balance and staying fit, being a father to three girls under the age of two and running a fitness business.

But he says his guide to staying trim, whilst enjoying many of the Christmas trimmings on offer, is easy to follow and mostly down to common sense.

Craig's tips from his 'holiday survival guide' include:

  • One staple workout - something you enjoy doing that takes almost zero effort. Commit to this on the days where working out isn't an option. eg. walk the dog/go for a jog/push-ups/sit-ups.
  • Set goals/limits on food and drink - try to keep track of what you eat and even keep a snack diary so you know what's going in! Regarding drink, try to commit to as many alcohol free nights per week as you can. You can also dilute your drinks with ice, fizzy water or sliced fruit.
  • Don't panic - keep positive about your diet/fitness routine for the whole month. Isolate the unhealthier meals and drinks to only a few days. eg. two Christmas parties, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve. Stick to your typical diet as much as possible and keep exercise in the plan!
  • Give yourself a break - identify a 1-2 week period where you give yourself a complete break from training. This will only be effective if you're disciplined when it comes to your diet/fitness in the other weeks.

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