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Aurigny will 'follow with interest' progress of new rival airline

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Aurigny says they will 'follow with interest' the progress of a new airline set up to serve the Channel Islands.

It was announced yesterday that the fleet of planes, run by Waves, will fly between the islands as well as further afield, to the South of England and Northern France. Other European destinations could be added at a later date.

But rival airline Aurigny says the travelling public will need 'convincing,' if they're to fly over water on a single engine aircraft.

The firm released the following statement:

New competition is always interesting to see. The revenue projections, under these particular proposals, are impressive, but there is no mention of costs.

Most importantly, they will need to convince the travelling public that reliance on a single engine aircraft, operating at relatively low altitude, over water, is a good option.

They will also need to convince investors and the relevant authorities that this is a viable project and achievable from a licensing and regulatory point of view.

We will follow with interest.

– Aurigny spokesperson

The man behind Waves, Nick Magliocchetti, says he welcomes the feedback from Aurigny:

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