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Blue Islands and Flybe respond to new local airline

Flybe and Blue Islands branding in Guernsey airport Photo:

Two airlines, serving the Channel Islands, have responded to the news that they could face further competition on the routes they fly.

Both Blue Islands and Flybe have produced written statements, following the news that new airline, Waves, could start running flights between the islands and to the UK and France this summer.

Flybe says it welcomes competition;

Competition, in whatever form it takes, gives customers the option to choose the service that best suits their needs. Waves is an interesting alternative to traditional air transport and we are intrigued to see how this new model works and what new ideas non-aviation people can bring to air travel. We wish its founders every success with their new venture.

– Vincent Hodder, Flybe’s Chief Revenue Officer

Meanwhile, the owner of Blue Islands says he has reservations about the viability of Waves' ideas;

Most people, including me, would welcome more destinations, lower prices and more seats, at the perfect time of day that each of us want to travel. And we want them offered 365 days a year. Who wouldn’t want that? On the other hand, companies must be financially viable and sustainable over the long term if our Island is to prosper.

– Derek Coates, Chairman and owner of Blue Islands

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