Blog: Think it's cold? It's been colder!

Feeling cold? Its not as bad as 1963!

This week the islands have enjoyed dry, sunny but cold conditions and just about everywhere I go people are remarking on how chilly they feel or how its so cold.

Many are happy its dry, but few realise that we have seen temperatures much lower that this in the past!

Four years ago the island was hit by some major snow!

In fact, back in 1963 we experienced incredibly cold conditions on the islands, when temperatures fell to -10.9 degrees which brought snow (and probably days off school!)

This archive footage, shot in Jersey, shows how islanders dealt with the conditions, but one of the most interesting things about this footage (which was taken on 19/20th January when temperatures were at their coldest) is the fact the sea has frozen!

Temperatures are going to remain below average for this time of year, until at least the middle of next week but it will be dry. At the moment we are trying to establish how much, if any, cloud we will have as this might help increase our temperatures a little, but only by a degree or so.

Temperatures for this time of year should be eight or nine degrees by day and Four degrees overnight. Right now we are seeing five or six by day and freezing over night lows. We must also prepare for ground frosts, air frosts and some icy surfaces first thing in the morning, as moist air moves up from the south east this weekend.

Next week, the UK may also experience fog patches and it could affect airports, but high pressure is still in charge and for the islands this will mean more sunshine and cold crisp days!

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