Environment campaigners slam 'bunker mentality' of States

Environment campaigners in Jersey have slammed the States' "bunker mentality" after they were accused of using "selective data" in a report.

Save our Shoreline Jersey (SOSJ) published an investigation claiming there are "unhealthy and illegal" levels of nitrate in reservoirs and drinking water.

The Environment and Infrastructure Ministers responded saying their research is "out of context" and not scientific enough for them to consider.

SOSJ are "disappointed" that their investigations and solutions have been "ignored" and accuse the Environment and Infrastructure Ministers of not wanting to engage with them.

They also claim that some of the data used in their report came from the government's own research, obtained by a Freedom of Information request.

Dave Cabeldu, of SOSJ, told ITV News their methods are "rigorous and scientific" but they don't have enough funding to expand outside field work.