Church of England has ‘much to repent’ to LGBT community

Guernsey’s Vice-Dean says the Church of England has much to repent towards the LGBTQ community, following a heavily criticised report by the College of Bishops released last week.

The report recommended the Church of England should not change its opposition to same-sex marriage but it should adopt a 'fresh tone and culture of welcome and support' for gay people.

I think it's very clear that in the past the church has a lot to repent of with regards to the LGBTQ community with the way in which they've been treated and some of the homophobia which has been expressed.

Rev. Mike Kearle

The report has drawn criticism from campaigners and LGBTQ members of the Church of England, calling it ‘insulting'. But Vice-Dean Kearle says it’s yet to be seen what the final outcome of this report will be, as it is still to be debated by the Synod.

When asked whether he could see same-sex marriage ceremonies happening within his church he said:

I think the jury is out on that one. I don't really want to commit to that until we've had these conversations.

Rev. Mike Kearle

But Guernsey-born gay evangelical Christian, Jayne Ozanne has hit back at the report labelling it ‘ungodly’ and ‘insulting’.

What we got was some clever wording that seemed to try and appease everybody whilst pleasing no-one.

Jayne Ozanne