Blog: Is the fog set to hang around?

The islands are being affected by what looks like a lot of fog at the moment, with many flights delayed and cancelled.

But, this "fog" is actually low cloud which is moving in from the north west.

As a result it is not like the typical "French fog" scenario where the fog drifts up and then cools further as it reaches the land.

There have been some breaks today but they are being filled in before they arrive.

A break may occur around 4:30pm today, but for flights they ideally need a two hour window to get the plane off the ground and over here.

Flights to and from Jersey and Guernsey have been cancelled

Overnight the low cloud will continue to affect the islands and will do so again tomorrow morning.

The only saving grace is that the winds will pick up to a force five to six from the West and will mean tomorrow the "bottom" of the low cloud should be "stirred up" an little.

Hopefully that will allow the base to lift a little - whether it is enough to allow flights in and out is a big question and it will almost certainly still affect the islands at times (if not some of the parishes).

The fog is expected to clear during Thursday, as a cold front moves through.