Prison Governor: Self harm is on the rise everywhere

The Governor of Guernsey's prison says the incidence of self harm is rising everywhere, not just behind bars.

Recent figures show the number of self harm incidents at Les Nicolles doubled in a year.

There was also an increase in the number of inmates considered at risk.

Dave Mathews says that's partly because of a greater awareness from staff, but also because self harm is a "growing social issue".

He told ITV News that the issue is becoming more of a problem in schools, workplaces and across the UK.

One incident of self harm at the prison last year was considered life threatening, something the Governor describes as "very concerning".

Appropriate procedures were being followed for the inmate, who was at crisis point, he explains.

He added that the staff who responded to the incident "did remarkably well and saved the person's life".

There is support on offer for those struggling, the Samaritans have helped to put in place a Listeners scheme so inmates have someone to talk to if they're feeling distressed.