Efforts to raise awareness of child exploitation

Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Archive/PA Images

Youth workers in Jersey are working to raise awareness of child sexual exploitation.

Police say, although it is not a large-scale problem in the island, it is essential to take preventative measures against the crimes.

Detective Inspector Mark Hafey explained: "Jersey has relatively low levels of crime, but we should not be naive to the fact that appalling crimes can still happen here."

Over the next two weeks, staff from the Youth Service will visit schools to teach students how to spot the signs of abuse.

They will also be holding a stall in St Helier on Saturday, which marks National CSE Awareness Day, to raise awareness among the general public.

Preventative work is essential in this area so that young people understand when there is a problem and that help is available. If they are aware of the signs then they are also less likely to get exploited.

Mark Capern, Jersey Youth Service