Sunburn and sneezing - weekend weather might not be as glorious as it sounds!

Sunshine on Herm Credit: Tony Rive

This weekend the islands will experience some exceptional sunshine and it will feel very warm.

We can thank a lovely area of high pressure for this, which is sitting right on top of the UK and stretching down to the Channel Islands .

But although many will be relishing the glorious conditions, for some it may not be such a pleasant weekend.

This weekend Credit: ITV weather graphics

The UV index will rise to a 5 - we have not seen this since last summer and for fair people, like me, it means that being exposed to the sun for any length of time, will cause red faces! Sun cream and sun protection should be in order for the midday sun!

In addition, although we do not count pollen on the islands, tree pollen is certainly becoming an issue for many and across parts of the UK, where they do record the levels, they are moderate in places, so some hayfever suffers will start to suffer as the pollen increases from here on in.

Feeling warm on Saturday Credit: ITV weather graphics

For those of you who enjoy sunshine and increasing temperatures, you will be able to bask in strong sunshine and temperatures could climb as high as 20, maybe even 21 degrees on Saturday (on average, temperatures for this time of year should be 12 degrees). This means it will feel very warm.

Very pleasant across Europe too Credit: ITV weather graphics

Sunday is a little bit more complicated! Temperatures could get to 19 degrees if the cloud takes a while to arrive, but it might threaten the temperatures, along with the westerly winds which will be introduced into the afternoon evening, so the best part of the day will certainly be the morning.

Next week we see fresher conditions return, and even some rain for those gardeners amongst you who need their plants watering! High pressure returns after that, but there might be some cloud trapped under it, so no necessarily as sunny. As the winds become north easterly again, it means temperatures wont be far of the norm for this time of year (12/13 degrees)

Enjoy your weekend and do keep your cameras handy and if you send any lovely scenic shots of the weather and wish to send them in, this is the best address: I might even use them in the 6pm forecasts through the week.

I'll have updates on the Channel Island's weather on twitter @SophiaWeather and on my ITV facebook page: Sophia Bird ITV.