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Alderney puffin numbers 'slowly falling'

Abbie Ferrar says she isn't surprised the species has been put on the Red List

A wildlife expert in Alderney says puffin numbers there are "slowly falling".

It follows the news that the species, iconic in the Channel Islands, is facing extinction and is in urgent need of conservation.

Abbie Ferrar, from the Alderney Wildlife Trust, says the birds burrow into rabbit warrens on Burhou.

Last year 98 burrows were counted, in 2014 the number was 114 and before that 168 were counted.

Abbie explained that stormy conditions at sea in 2014 saw dead puffins washing up, and now general numbers are starting to fall.

She added that the animals being added to the Red List is "not a surprise".

The wildlife group is constantly monitoring the population when they are on the island between May and July, and methods of conservation are being explored.

A webcam films the birds on Burhou and footage is used to educate students at St Anne's in Alderney and other schools in Guernsey.

Abbie says puffins have become a "figure head" for the trust, and are extremely good at drawing tourists to the island.

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