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Puffin under threat of global extinction

Credit: Andrew Vaughan/The Canadian Press/PA Images

One of the most iconic birds in the Channel Islands, the puffin, is now under threat of global extinction, according to a new report.

The species has joined a growing list of birds which are in need of urgent conservation, compiled in the 'State of the UK's birds 2016' report.

In 2014, Atlantic Puffins were affected by stormy conditions which saw more deaths than usual.

Data collected locally, by the Seabird Monitoring Team, also shows a decline in Puffin numbers in 2015.

The islands play an important part in the puffin's life-cycle, where they lay one egg per year here and return when they hatch.

Herm has recently taken steps to protect the birds during breeding season, by placing two bright yellow buoys placed near Puffin Bay to warn boat users of their presence.

Sailors and jet skiiers are also being told not to go too fast and scare the animals.

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