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Sark's puffin population is 'holding its own'

George Guille takes visitors puffin spotting around Sark

A Sark tour guide has told ITV News the island's puffin population is "holding its own", despite the species being threatened by extinction.

A new reports say the birds are in need of urgent conservation and local data shows a decline in puffin numbers in 2015.

But, George Guille says in Sark they are "staying steady" and although last year didn't see good numbers, the previous year saw around 100 birds a day at L'Etacq.

He added last year he saw 25 birds a day, but knows other people who regularly saw around 40 in other places.

Overall though, George does admit numbers fluctuate and in the 50s and 60s around 400 pairs of the animals would be counted on L'Etacq alone.

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