Experts say Jersey was in 'absolute drought'

Val de la Mare Reservoir Credit: Jersey Water

Islanders in Jersey are being urged to reduce water consumption after experts declared that during April, the island was "in drought".

According to Jersey Met Office, no rainfall was recorded for two weeks during April.

Jersey Water say small changes in habits can "make a significant difference" and "reduce the overall demand for water".

Jersey has limited underground reserves of water and no links to external water networks.

Therefore, the Island relies on rainfall for most of the mains water supplied.

Experts say the supply of water in the Bailiwick is therefore "vulnerable to periods of low rainfall or drought".

As our weather presenter Sophia Bird explains, Jersey was in a state of "absolute drought".

However, Jersey Water’s reservoir levels during the time, were at 93%, so islanders are being reassured that water consumption will not be affected.

But gardeners who haven't been keeping an eye on their plants and regularly watering them, will be seeing some bad effects now.

Guernsey officially reached the state of "absolute drought" yesterday.

Over the May bank holiday weekend, Maison St Louis in Jersey recorded 26.8mm of rainfall on April 30th and 16.8mm on 1 May, which was (the equivalent of) almost a months worth of rainfall in the two days.