Charity calls for more spending on prisoner rehabilition

Credit: PA Images

Rehabilitation charity Freedom for Life says spending more money on resettling prisoners in Jersey would lead to long term savings.

They say that extra expenditure on prisoners after they leave jail could lave long-term benefits.

The comments come after a report revealed that more than half of Jersey's inmates at La Moye have been in prison before.

The figures showed that 154 out of the 260 people sent to prison in the last year had previously served time.

Kevin Houiellebecq, from the Freedom for Life charity, says that spending extra money on rehabilitation could save the taxpayer in the longterm.

If there is less crime in the island, if people are resettling in a positive way, then it means there's fewer victims of crime. The community gets stronger. So although, at first off it may seem like we don't have the money to invest ... in the long term it's going to save the taxpayer money.

Kevin Houiellebecq, Freedom for Life