Jersey could legalise cannabis-based medicinal products

Medicinal cannabis Credit: PA Images

Jersey's Health Minister says he is considering legalising cannabis-based medicinal products in a speech in the States today.

He said cannabis for medicinal purposes could be made legal later this year after a new report found that the drug had therapeutic benefits.

The move is a policy U-turn for the minister, who previously rejected calls to legalise cannabis-based pain relief in 2014.

Today, Health Minister Andrew Green told politicians that he was looking into whether certain medicinal cannabis products could be made legal.

However, he made it clear that any products would have to be prescribed by a doctor.

He added that that smoking cannabis "would not be legalised" and he would not consider legalising it.

His decision comes after a number of European countries changed their laws to approve cannabis for medicinal purposes.

However, it is still illegal in France and the UK. Therefore, patients taking cannabis into these countries could be prosecuted.

Jersey's political party, Reform Jersey, said they "welcome the announcement".

The group were part of a campaign to be prescribed cannabis-based drugs for medical purposes in 2014.

Deputy Montfort Tadier led the movement in the States, but his petitions were rejected by politicians.