Service remembers occupation slave workers

A special service has remembered slave workers who were taken from their homes by Nazis to the Channel Islands to work.

Thousands from around the continent were imprisoned and treated badly, as they were forced to build fortifications, tunnels and sea defences which still exist today.

Flowers were laid by dozens of people

Officials from Russia and Belarus attended the ceremony at Westmount Crematorium in Jersey.

It was organised by Gary Font, who's father was brought across from Spain and chose to settle in Jersey after the war.

Many nationalities and races were held against their will in Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney including:

  • Russians

  • Ukrainians

  • Belarusians

  • Spanish Republicans

  • North Africans

  • Poles

  • French

  • Jews

  • Belgians

Military personnel attended the service

Mr Font added that although lesson may not have been learnt, the island must remember "those who did not make it home".