Concerns after seven children in A&E for dog bites in three months

Concerns have been raised after seven children, including two babies, went to Jersey A&E for dog bites in the first three months of this year.

All of the children were under 13, the majority under eight, and four of the bites were to the face and three to hands.

In six out of seven cases, the animal was a family pet or belonged to a friend.

Child Accident Prevention Jersey are now raising awareness, and say youngsters don’t see the dangers of animals they know.

The group already run a Speak Dog and Stay Safe campaign in schools, teaching pupils about the signals dogs give to show how they are feeling.

But they want more to be done.

We need to suspend our disbelief that our own dogs will bite our children because unfortunately, the data from A&E shows that the opposite is often the case.

Mandy Le Tensorer, Child Accident Prevention Jersey

They also want children to know:

  • Not to approach dogs they don't know

  • Not to put their face near a dog

  • Never to take anything away from an animal

Parents can get more information on what to teach their children here.