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Making history: Buesnel bags silver in Games debut


Alex Buesnel has won many a medal over the years, but only once before these games has he ever competed in a 'mainstream' competition.

The 24-year-old has learning difficulties and isn't often allowed to qualify for meets outside the Special Gymnastics scene.

But this year in Gotland, he's etched his name into the history books - and will take home a silver medal for his efforts.

I'm way beyond my sport but coming to an Island Games now, this is generally what my thought would be, the Island Games is equivalent to where I'm going at the World Games, so this is way beyond my level.

– Alex Buesnel, Team Jersey Gymnastics

A proud member of Team Jersey, Alex earned a 9.0 in his floor routine helping push the squad towards Team Silver.

But since he was first selected for the squad in January, perfecting the routines hasn't come as easily as to his team mates.

Physically he's one of the strongest on the team, obviously it's just when it comes to learning skills and being coached, that's where his specialised coaching comes into it.

He gets on and does his best all the time. He's a very high level gymnast in his own right and he's just transferred that right across so it's good.

– James Evans, Team Jersey Gymnastics
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