Deputy Lewis: 'never intentionally misled or lied' to Care Inquiry or States

Deputy Andrew Lewis

Jersey politician, Deputy Andrew Lewis, has repeated his defence to allegations made in the Jersey Care Inquiry's final report.

In a statement, released today, he said;

I have already stated that I never intentionally misled or lied to the Assembly or any other body including the Care Inquiry Panel.

Deputy Andrew Lewis

The conclusions of the three year investigation into historical child abuse in Jersey detailed how the panel believed the Deputy had lied - both to the States Assembly and while giving evidence to the Inquiry.

The statement he has released in response to those claims continues as follows;

At this time it is paramount that we focus our attention on the children highlighted in the report and that we do everything we can to ensure that the recommendations of this report are upheld and acted upon On Thursday there will be an in-committee debate for all States members to discuss the findings of the report in full. Following that debate I will be discussing matters that relate to me with the Privileges and Procedures Committee (PPC). Until I have had the opportunity to fully read and digest the report it would be inappropriate for me to comment any further.

Deputy Andrew Lewis