Deputy Andrew Lewis will not face criminal proceedings for 'lying' to the Independent Care Inquiry, according to the Attorney General.

The announcement was made in this afternoon's States sitting, after Deputy Lewis was mentioned in the conclusions of the abuse probe.

The Attorney General said States Members have immunity when addressing the Assembly or speaking at a committee of inquiry.

The panel, tasked with investigating historical abuse in Jersey's care system, found Deputy Lewis lied to the Inquiry;

We find that Andrew Lewis lied to the States Assembly about the Metropolitan Police Service report, stating that he had had sight of it when he had not.

IJCI summary

Deputy Lewis has denied the claims, saying he never 'intentionally misled or lied' to the States Assembly or the Care Inquiry Panel.

In today's States sitting, Deputy Lewis asked whether there was an appeal process for people who had been named in the Inquiry. He was told that there was no system in place for appeals to be heard.