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Islander appointed to Jersey Care Commission

Jersey's Chief Minister has appointed Islander, Lisa Jacobs, to Jersey’s new Care Commission today, the States have confirmed.

She will be responsible for overseeing the quality of care provided to islanders either in their own homes or in key care services.

Having previously worked for a number of local banks, Lisa is now involved in projects that support individuals with special needs and their families.

Lisa says she is "passionate" about improving local health and social care services for everyone in the island.

As someone who grew up on the Island and who is a parent with two children, one of whom has complex needs, I have used a whole range of health and care services. I know from first-hand experience that some services work well but that families can encounter a whole range of barriers when trying to secure the best possible care for their loved ones. I am passionate about improving local health and social care services for all Islanders.

– Lisa Jacobs, Jersey Care Commissioner.

Senator Gorst says he is "delighted" with the new appointment and believes she will bring "local knowledge and will support the Commission in putting services users at the heart of all that it does”.

In addition, Lisa was recently appointed to the Education Department’s Parent Forum, a group established to help influence and shape education and support services for children with special needs.

She will be the fifith Commissioner to be appointed to the board.

The Chair of the Care Commission, Glenn Houston, says her local knowledge will "help the Commission understand local need and hear the voices of local service users", therefore making her a "great" appointment.

She is due to join the board of Commissioners by the end of 2017.