The CEO of Digital Jersey has caused controversy online after saying he wouldn't watch the new Dr Who series, where the protagonist is being played by a woman.

Actress Jodie Whittaker has been confirmed as the first ever woman to play the Doctor, with Tony Moretta among those unimpressed with the announcement.

Responding to the BBC on Twitter, Mr Moretta said; 'Well you're down one viewer already.'

His tweet proved controversial with some fellow fans, who considered his remarks sexist.

Mr Moretta responded to defend his comments;

He also said his views should not be considered sexist;

Having sparked debate with several angry fans, the CEO seemed to reconsider his initial refusal to watch the new series, describing it as an 'instant reaction' which he was 'slightly regretting.'

One Twitter user urged him to 'give it a go' and then decide how he feels about it, to which Mr Moretta said he was 'starting to think he would have to.' He also said he would be watching at Christmas, regardless.

And having furiously denied accusations of sexism, it seems Tony Moretta took some advice from an influential woman in his life...

Tony Moretta has issued the following statement regarding his comments;

As most of my friends know, I’ve always been a big kid where Doctor Who is concerned, since my grandmother got me into it at the age of 5. So after 44 years – sadly! – of being a huge fan I wasn’t happy with what I saw as a fundamental character change after all this time. I probably should give the new series a go, but I think I’m allowed to express that concern. I don’t feel this way because I’m sexist, quite the contrary. Anyone who knows me knows I stand up for female equality and you just need to look at my own Digital Jersey team and our initiatives such as getting more girls into technology and Women in Tech. I do regret making a short comment on Twitter which has been taken out of context and allowed a serious issue of feminism to be tied to my emotional reaction to a fictional TV character.

Tony Moretta, CEO, Digital Jersey