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Greenhouse gas pollution drops by 40% in Jersey

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Greenhouse gas pollution in Jersey has dropped by 40% since 1990, according to the Department of the Environment.

The fall in carbon emissions is partly due to cleaner nuclear and hydro energy imported from France.

The department says emissions from homes. businesses and vehicles are also in slow decline.

The island has a target of reducing greenhouse gases by 80% by 2050

I am cautiously optimistic that we are starting on this journey well. However, there is much to do and still a long way to go. We’ve got to consider the carbon implications of the decisions we all make if Jersey is ultimately to be successful in playing its part in reducing global carbon emissions, and thereby avoiding the most serious consequences of climate change.

– Deputy Steve Luce, The Minister for the Environment

The Department for the Environment have proposed the following measures to reduce emissions:

  • 4,000 Andium properties changed to electric heating, saving one million litres of oil a year
  • 1,700 private homes insulated through energy efficiency service
  • Community buildings programme has delivered carbon savings of c. 260 t/CO per year through subsidised energy efficiency measures for not-for- profit community buildings.

The States say other measures that will contribute to future carbon reductions include "significantly tightening the energy standards for new buildings and refurbishments through building bye-laws".

The continuing fall in the price of electric cars will also reduce petrol and diesel consumption and emissions.