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Arrival of new Aurigny plane delayed until 2018

Aurigny is bringing in new Dornier planes, to replace the old Trilanders Photo: ITV Channel TV

The arrival of a Dornier aircraft, due to be added to Aurigny's fleet, has been pushed back by around six months.

The manufacturer of the new plane says it will not be ready until the second quarter of 2018, despite it originally being expected by next month.

RUAG Aerospace Services says it “sincerely regrets” the delay and understands the challenges it presents to the States-run airline.

The company will provide Aurigny with a replacement aircraft with two crew, until the Dornier arrives.

Our immediate efforts to rectify this situation are ongoing, as we are dedicated to providing Aurigny with support and solutions in order to maintain their commitment to their customers.

– RUAG Aerospace Services

Aurigny boss Mark Darby says, while the delay will present problems, the company is still aiming to continue to provide services as scheduled.

We appreciate RUAG holding its hands up to the delay and acknowledging the challenges this has caused us. As RUAG have said, they have provided us with a loan Dornier 228, free of charge, until the new aircraft arrives

– Mark Darby, CEO, Aurigny