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FAB link protest 'against the island's future'

Mannez Quarry, the planned site for the electrical converter station Photo: ITV Channel TV

An Alderney States member has told ITV News residents protesting against the FAB link project are "protesting against the island's future".

The scheme would see Alderney used as a connection point for transferring energy between France and the UK, with an electrical converter station being built on the island.

Ian Tugby says those opposed to the scheme should "think of the younger generation".

If plans go ahead, a power cable would run through the island Credit: ITV Channel TV

He says the project will an essential economic boost to a struggling economy.

You're protesting against the island's future basically, because at the end of the day if we haven't got any money the one alternative we've got [is to] put up taxes.

It may not have any effect on some of the ones that are protesting, because they're getting a bit old, but we've got to think of the young ones.

– Ian Tugby, Alderney States Member

Islanders have protested the idea in the past, with around 150 people taking part in a demonstration against the plans last September.

Last week, it was decided that islanders would be given the chance to vote on the proposals, though the States will not necessarily listen to the result.

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