A special Liberation Day service for Falklands veteran

Credit: ITV Channel Television

2017 marks the 35th anniversary of the Falklands War.

The bloody battle lasted for seventy-four days and resulted in British victory after Argentina surrendered on June 14th, 1982

Each year, on this day, Falklanders celebrate their liberation and honour the servicemen who helped return the islands to British control.

One of those servicemen to be honoured is former Paratrooper Dave Baker, who was one of 20 Jerseymen sent to fight in the conflict.

To mark the 35th anniversary, ITV Channel TV brought Dave back to the Falklands for the first time since the war to remember friends he lost.

All this week we have watched Dave's emotional return journey to the Falklands.

In the first of our special three-part series we watched him retrace his tour of duty.

The second report saw Dave reunited with the Falklanders he helped to free 35 years ago.

And the third and final report in our special series, follows Dave as he takes part in a special Liberation Day service to mark the 35th anniversary of the war.