1. ITV Report

Sark is Blooming

The judges were chauffeured around the island in tractors and carriages. Credit: ITV Channel Television

Judges from the Britain in Bloom competition have spent the day taking a look at the floral creations Sark has to offer.

More than 3,000 places across the UK take part in the copeition and this year the island has been shortlisted.

Some of the areas they have been viewing have been transformed by volunteers over the last three years.

Conseiller Sandra Williams, Chairman of Sark's Tourism Committee says the competition gives people another reason to visit the island.

Visitors to the island have particularly enjoyed new seating surrounded by beautiful flowers and plants at the harbours, in the Avenue and outside the Old Island Hall. Sark being a Britain in Bloom finalist gives another reason for people to visit the island and positive publicity and media interest related to this is welcomed.

– Conseiller Sandra Williams, Chairman of Sark's Tourism Committee
The judges are shown around the island in traditional Sark transport. Credit: ITV Channel Television

The Seigneur, Major Christopher Beaumont says the campaign has given the island a more colourful environment for both islanders and visitors to enjoy.

The Britain in Bloom Campaign has been a wonderful opportunity for Sark to come together as a community and take part in something to which everyone can contribute. In the three years leading up to this final, many residents have worked hard to breathe life into forgotten corners and neglected areas of the Island. The effects are clearly visible to visitors and locals alike, and there is a noticeable pride in the look of the communal areas especially around the harbour and centre of the Island. We are a healthier community because of our participation, we know each other better and we have a brighter and more colourful environment for ourselves and our visitors to enjoy. I am very proud to tell everyone that Sark is a magnificent place to live and visit. You can't help but fall in love with Sark, particularly when it is looking so well cared for and beautiful. I am sure the judges will agree.

– The Seigneur, Major Christopher Beaumont