'Worst case of reptile starvation' animal charity has ever seen

The owner of four reptiles, so thin they were 'lucky to be alive' has been banned from keeping lizards and snakes.

Last October, the GSPCA rescued 2 corn snakes, a royal python and a bearded dragon.

The charity said, when they were rescued it was apparent that they hadn’t been cared for in some time due to the extremely dirty enclosures which were not appropriate for the animals.

The GSPCA said the bearded dragon was 'without doubt the thinnest of its species' that they had ever seen and 'so emaciated the team were extremely worried of the chance it would survive'.

Yesterday the 26-year-old owner was taken to court for cruelty to his pets.

Martin Savident has been banned from keeping lizards for 10 years and snakes for 2 years.

Credit: GSPCA

Since being in the GSPCA's care they charity have called the bearded dragon Nellie, the python Diana and the corn snakes Tango and Clover.