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Behind The Scenes - A mid Winter swim in the Falklands

Our cameraman Daniel Wickham braved the coldest of waters for a mid Winter swim! Credit: ITV Channel Television

ITV Channel Television cameraman and aerial photography pilot Daniel Wickham accompanied veteran Dave Baker, our presenter Jess Dunsdon and producer Sophie Dulson on a trip to the Falklands - the first time Dave has been back since the war ended in 1982.

In this blog, Daniel writes about his experience of a mid-winter swim. Quite the encounter but it's safe to say, don't try this at home!

It wasn't all work, work, work in the Falklands. On the 21st of June 2017, I took time time out of filming to take part in a specially arranged mid Winter swim at surf bay with some of the veterans.

I swim most of the year in at home in Jersey and regularly take part in our Christmas Day swims so I wasn't going to miss this fantastic opportunity to get into the water at an equivalent time of year, temperature wise, in the southern hemisphere.

Despite it looking warm in the pictures, trust me, it was cold both in and out the water!

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