Deputy Lewis criticises report that found he broke code of conduct

Deputy Andrew Lewis Credit: ITV Channel TV

A Jersey Deputy, found to have broken the States Members' Code of Conduct, has criticised the investigation that led to that conclusion.

Deputy Andrew Lewis could face a vote of censure in the States, after it was proposed by The Privileges and Procedures Committee. (PPC)

The PPC investigation was launched after the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry found Deputy Lewis had lied to the abuse probe panel.

The inquiry into historical child abuse in the island also found he had lied to the States Assembly.

Having investigated those findings, the PPC concluded that Deputy Andrew Lewis had also broken the Code of Conduct States Members are expected to adhere to.

However, the Deputy, who denies any wrongdoing, has released a statement describing what he sees as flaws in the committee's report.

He has made the following claims;

  • The PPC's report does not make reference to 'relevant points' provided by Deputy Lewis and Sir Philip Bailhache at the PPC hearing.

  • The Hansard extracts contained in the PPC’s report from various States sittings have been taken out of context.

  • Vague quotes have been interpreted to mean something different

  • Quotes from the Jersey Independent Care Inquiry have also been taken out of context.