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'Exceptional work' sees school children gain grade 9 at GCSE

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Students at Jersey's Beaulieu School are among some of the first to gain a grade 9 at GCSE - equivalent to what would have been an A**.

The grading switch is part of wider reforms designed to make GCSEs more rigorous and challenging.

A third of exams taken at the private girls' school were awarded A*or A grades (or equivalent 7-9 Grades).

With the UK government’s focus on making GCSEs more rigorous this year, Beaulieu is delighted to have maintained a consistently high value added score.

Today’s set of GCSE results build on the success we enjoyed last week with our A Levels and we are particularly delighted to see a number of our students attaining the coveted Grade 9 in English and Maths, which is being likened to an A** level.This really is exceptional work.

We are delighted for the students who have excelled this year and we are extremely proud of all our girls’ achievements following their hard work and determination.

– Rory Steel, Beaulieu Assistant Head, Curriculum and New Technology

A grade 7 is broadly equivalent to an A under the old system, while a 4 is broadly equivalent to a C.

It is predicted that many teenagers who would have gained the highest possible grade last year will not do so this summer.

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