How is our sea temperature measured? Sophia has the answer!

Jersey's sea Credit: Trevor Mahy

The sea temperature is currently 18 degrees, but it fluctuates with ever wave that reaches our shore. The warmest the sea has been this year was 18.9 degrees on August 29th, but how is it measured?

There is a probe that is almost on the sea bed, and as the tide goes out, it is visible to the naked eye. Jersey Met were undergoing their annual maintenance on the equipment today and I was invited to take a look.

Annual maintenance being completed today on the Jersey Met equipment Credit: Sophia Bird

The prob takes the temperature and sends it's findings up the sea wall in a cable inside a waterproof casing, to a small building at the end of La Collette Pier in St Helier. Here, the data is processed and sent to Jersey Met's offices.

The maintenance is carried out annually by Campbell Scientific, and Jersey Met to ensure the equipment is calibrated and working correctly