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Businesses urged to consider flexible working

Credit: Thomas Tolstrup/DPA/PA Images

Businesses in the Channel Islands are being encouraged to consider the benefits of flexible working for their employees.

Currently, there are no laws on flexible working in Guernsey, except for those surrounding parental rights.

However, Jersey does have legislation, which gives all employees the right to ask for more open working conditions.

One expert based in Guernsey says, despite there being no similar law there, local businesses still offer their workers flexible hours as it can be beneficial to both parties.

It's really good business sense to try to accommodate [flexible working].

It helps morale and just keeps good people that you might otherwise lose.

So, a good number of employers that we help actually already have flexible working, even if it's not a statutory requirement.

They say 'actually this is good for our business'.

– Elaine Gray, Partner, Carey Olsen

The advice comes as a UK poll reveals 73% of office workers expect that flexible working will become "the norm" over the next five years.

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