Should Guernsey States debate assisted dying?

Credit: Jens Kalaene/DPA/PA Images

A Guernsey woman has written to all of the Island's deputies asking them to discuss the "taboo" subject of assisted dying.

In her letter, Sarah Griffith reflected on her own experience of seeing her mother deteriorate after a stroke.

She described how her once "energetic" and "independent" mother is now fully dependent and has no quality of life.

It follows a case in the UK last week where a paralysed man with motor neurone disease was denied his wish for a "peaceful and dignified" death due to the current law which makes it illegal for anyone to help him die.

Sarah Griffith says she knows any change in legislation would come too late to apply to her mother, but her mother's situation has prompted her to begin a campaign for others in similar situations.

She ended her letter with a plea for the States to openly discuss assisted dying, particularly when it comes to extreme circumstances.

In response to the letter, Deputy Soulsby, President of the Committee for Health and Social Care, gave the following statement:

If you have a family member with a terminal illness, the following organisations offer support....