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Nurse accused of misconduct 'did as she was told', tribunal hears

Corina Lazar is the latest nurse to face charges by the Nursing and Midwifery Council

A nurse accused of failing to address issues in the maternity ward at Guernsey's Princess Elizabeth Hospital "did as she was told", a tribunal has heard.

Corina Lazar from Romania is the latest nurse to face charges for the "inadequate" standard of maternity care on the hospital's Loveridge Ward, in a culture tagged by staff as the "Guernsey Way".

The Nursing and Midwifery Council panel was told that Lazar was responsible for challenging "inappropriate practices" carried out by nurses on the ward.

Whistleblower Ann Thompson, a former manager on the Loveridge Ward, told the hearing that Ms Lazar "was told by others that's what's done and she followed that pattern".

Risk manager Lisa Granville and midwife Tuija Roussel were banned from practising last month, while a third nurse, Antonia Manousaki, was suspended by the panel for 12 months.

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Lazar is accused of failing to address issues on the ward that allegedly put patient's safety at risk.

She admits failing to challenge the difficulties in the use of medication outside the scope of the midwifery role.

She also admits to not recording her involvement in providing care to a patient in 2013.

Lazar is further charged with not escalating a patient's deteriorating condition to an obstetrician, relating to the maternity care given to a patient, known as Patient H.

Lazar denies failing to challenge difficulties in communication between midwives and consultants.

In relation to Patient H, she denies seeking clarification concerning a blood sample from an obstetrician or challenging the consultant's decision until two hours later.

She also denies not checking the dose of an infusion containing magnesium sulphate.

The hearing continues.