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Three allegations of abuse made against nursing home staff this year

Credit: Credit: Photo: Daniel Reinhardt / DPA/PA Images

There have been three allegations made in Jersey this year of abuse by staff against nursing and care home residents, an FOI has revealed.

In August this year two members of staff were suspended at a home in Jersey following allegations of Common assault.

In July a staff member was suspended following an allegation of assault on a resident and in May a member of staff was accused by a resident of indecent assault.

In 2016 there were two allegations of assault made against staff in nursing and care homes.

The States of Jersey say ensuring the islands most vulnerable adults do not become victims of abuse is a multi-agency responsibility. The States of Jersey Police, they say will robustly investigate any allegation of abuse.

To report abuse contact Jersey Police on 01543 612239

Charity Age Concern offer support to anyone who has experienced abuse or wants to report it.