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Patients face 'months of delays' for appointments in Guernsey

Patients waiting for hospital appointments in Guernsey have told ITV News they are facing months of delays before they have been seen.

One man waiting on surgery with the Medical Specialist Group said he has been on their list for more than a year.

Luke Winch injured his knee playing football and should have seen a consultant within 8 weeks.

The Medical Specialist Group in Guernsey has apologised to patients who have experienced unusually long waiting times.

They say approximately 95% of appointments are within the 8 week contractual wait.

But "scarce theatre resources" have meant some delays in departments, particularly orthopaedic and gynaecology, MSG has said.

The orthopaedic department are largely within contract for outpatient appointments but there is a delay for theatre appointments. This is due to scarce theatre resources and some cancellations due to bed and kit availability.

Unfortunately, some patients are having to wait until March for their operations. Delays are also affecting the department of gynaecology,also due to scarce theatre resources.

We apologise to all patients who are waiting for their appointments. We appreciate this can be very distressing for them and their families and we will do everything we can to keep waiting times to a minimum.

– Medical Specialist Group