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Black butter making returns to Jersey

The black butter making season has arrived. Credit: ITV Channel TV

The ancient art of black butter making will return to Jersey this afternoon.

The National Trust for Jersey is making the local delicacy at The Elms in St. Mary, with apples from its orchards and others from around the island.

Islanders are invited to come along and join in with the peeling and stirring traditions. The apple peeling begins at 2pm today.

On Friday the fire will be lit in the bake house and the apples added to a giant copper bachin and stirred throughout the night. Spices, liquorice and lemons are added towards the end of the cooking process.

Music and food are set to keep the volunteers going into the evening, with live entertainment provided by local Jerriais band the Badlabecques.

On Saturday the jars will be filled and the courtyard of The Elms set up with Genuine Jersey stalls, and a range of entertainment, to promote local produce.