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World's best bell ringers go for record attempt in Alderney

Credit: Bernd Thissen/DPA/PA Images

12 bell ringing champions are in Alderney today, aiming to break their own world record.

The team wants to continuously ring the 12 bells in St Anne's parish church for 16 hours. This will generate 25,000 sound changes.

They set their previous record a year ago, last October in a church in Somerset.

In order to break the record, this attempt will not include toilet breaks and ringers will be unable to stop for food or water.

In preparation of the bell ringing, a grant from the States of Alderney has provided the church with a new sound control system.

This will allow the volume of the bells to be turned down so that islanders will be undisturbed by the ongoing sound.

People will still be able to listen to the record breaking attempt inside the church.