Bell ringers smash world record in Alderney

Credit: ITV Channel TV

The world record for bell ringing was smashed in Alderney last night when 12 ringers rang at St Anne’s Church for more than 16 hours.

The group, who came from all over the UK, rang for two hours more than the previous record.

A crowd of around 100 people gathered in the Church to watch them achieve their record.

After not taking their hands off the ropes for 16 hours and 7 minutes, they finished at around 10.45pm last night.

There was the mental challenge of staying alert for that amount of time and the physical challenge - I could tell that some people were looking tired and dehydrated, and we all had our moments, but we all paced ourselves in different ways so we could get there. We heard the cheer go up from people in the church and then we sort of shuffled down the steps because we were so tired but we all felt revived from the reaction we got. The support has been incredible both from Alderney ringers and the general public and I think it has done a lot for both ringing and the Island.

Michael Wilby, Band leader