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New pay deal for public sector workers in Jersey

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Front line paramedics and care home workers in Jersey will get a pay rise of more than 20% under government plans to balance wages.

Number of employees affected by phase 1 of the workforce modernisation plan.

Civil servants are the biggest group affected. More than 3,000 employees will see a 3.3% rise on average to their pensionable pay, by 2020.

But for 185 public sector workers, wages will go down. That's to tackle the imbalance between people on historical contracts and newer staff and will come into effect in 2021.

There will be a second phase of the States of Jersey reform of terms and conditions. That will see changes to the pay for Executives, teachers, police and fire officers.

How much it will cost the States to put these changes into practice over 4 years.

Staff are being told about their personal changes today. Any new working patterns will come into effect 3 months after an agreement is made.