Guernsey hosts first table tennis Home Countries International

Play started the Guernsey's Table Tennis Centre on Friday. Credit: ITV

Nearly 100 players are in Guernsey for the inaugural Home Countries International table tennis tournament.

It replaces the old Six Nations competitions by combining the seniors, juniors, and cadets into one event.

Play started on Friday, and continues until Sunday, with teams from the hosts Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man, England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland taking part.

Guernsey last hosted the Six Nations in 2012, and the junior and cadet version in 2014.

The new international tournament will be a bi-annual event with the Isle of Man set to host the next edition in 2019.

Guernsey team: Daniel Collenette, Ellis Tomlin (cadet boys), Tia Timms, Erin Vaudin (cadet girls), Benjamin Foss, Ryan Bichard (junior boys), Marli Barker, Amy Wesley (junior girls), Gary Dodd, Joshua Stacey, Lawrence Stacey (senior men), Kay Chivers, Charlotte Casey (senior women).

Jersey team: Luc Miller, Leon Pierre (cadet boys), Megan Simonet*, Holly Jenkins* (cadet girls), Luke Greenfield, Jacob Gosselin (junior boys), Melissa Johns*, Shelby Timms* (junior girls), Tyler Gosselin, Chris Morshead (senior men), Kelsy Le Maistre, Irene Bree (senior women).

* Guernsey players guesting. Guernsey's Corey Brouard, Benjamin Sharp, Hannah Bourgaize, and Leah Moore are also filling in for Isle of Man.