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Proposals for the future of waste management in Guernsey revealed

Credit: States of Guernsey

Plans to extend the Longue Hogue waste management site and proposals to deal with Guernsey's future construction waste have been outlined.

The current reclamation site at Longue Hougue could be widened south, to create additional land, under new plans for dealing with waste from local construction and demolition projects.

Currently 100,000 tonnes a of waste a year goes to the land reclamation at Longue Hougue. This means the site could be full in around three years.

The proposals would extend the site by around 500 metres to the south, along the current eastern boundary line. It's expected to take between 11 and 15 years to fill, with capacity for more than 1 and a half million tonnes.

Proposals will be put to the States for a long term plan for dealing with non bio degradable waste, such as building materials, over the next 20 years.

The plans include focusing on minimising the amount of material being generated and reusing or recycling as much as possible.

The recommendations are set out in a joint policy letter from the Environment Commitee and the States Trading Supervisory Board.

A key element of the proposed future approach will be individual site waste management plans for construction projects.

50 potential options have been considered for the removal of building waste in the future, including land-raising projects, improving sea defences, infilling old quarries or exporting material.