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Overseas aid could be funded by voluntary contributions in Guernsey

Overseas Aid could become voluntary in Guernsey, if a move by two politicians gets support at the end of the month.

Currently the £2,960,000 Overseas Aid Commission budget comes from general taxation.

Deputy Lester Queripel is asking for Policy and Resources to undertake a review into whether the budget for the Overseas Aid Commission should come from voluntary donations.

Credit: ITV News

Money from Guernsey's Overseas Aid Commission has recently been used to support humanitarian work in crisis hit Yemen and the East Africa famine.

The move has already provoked condemnation from members of Guernsey's States and the island's charitable community.

This is not a proposition that promotes choice; the people of Guernsey already have that choice, they do not need an amendment to give them that permission, and many already exercise it to donate to Overseas Aid charities. This is purely a cynical measure to do away with the States’ Overseas Aid contributions.

It is probably the meanest-spirited, smallest-minded amendment I have ever seen put before the States. It might apply to these two deputies, but Guernsey people do not sit in the corner of the pub and shuffle off to the loo when it is their round. It’s an appalling example to set for our children; they should be ashamed of themselves.

– Peter Rose, Vice-Chair of the Association of Guernsey Charities