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Fermain Sea Wall repairs likely to cost around £600,000

The Sea Wall at Fermain was damaged in 2014 Credit: ITV Channel TV

Repairs to the Fermain Sea Wall are likely to cost around £600,000 according to the President of Guernsey's Environment & Infrastructure Committee.

The sea wall was damaged in 2014 during the storms that hit the island in winter.

Deputy Barry Brehaut says his committee will likely be asking Policy & Resources for the money in the near future.

The Fermain Sea Wall hasn't fallen down because of the action of the sea.

What's happened is, the land above Fermain has been developed over the years and there is much more water run off and the water sits behind the wall and pushes the wall forward.

So we need we think in the region of £600,000 to repair the wall.

– Deputy Barry Brehaut, Guernsey's Environment & Infrastructure President