Make your mind up! The weather can't decide what it's doing! Sophia looks back (and forward) at weather on the islands

A winter's sunrise taken in December 2017 Credit: George Robert

Deciding what to wear each day is becoming a greater chore for many of us, as the weather cant make its mind up!

The islands have delved into a plethora of weather conditions that seem to have repeated 3 of the seasons, twice in 2 weeks (the only season left out is summer!)

This week, just like last week, we will have a spring theme - today (Monday) with calm winds, sunny periods, and mild temperatures, but by Wednesday its a different season - Autumn - as the gales return, and heavy rain is expected.

By Friday it will be winter again - wintry showers expected and the arctic winds making us dig out our thermals.

A winters day Credit: Gary Burgess

And many wonder when this trend will stop! Let's not forget it started going a bit awry last month. Here's a reminder of November! We had one or two days when the heaven's opened, for example on 27th, we had 24mm in just a matter of hours, causing flooding at Beaumont in Jersey, but interestingly, our rainfall quantity was about average for the entire month!

As for sunshine - well Jersey has been voted the sunniest place in the British Isles and the island didn't disappoint this month, with it being the sunniest November for 11 years! The cloud must have been badly positioned though, as interestingly, Guernsey had a dull November, but was drier!

The sunrises and sunsets have entertained us for weeks, and I suspect the next item for discussion on everyone's agenda, will be the chances of a white Christmas - well that we will have to wait and see!

Belgrave Bay, Guernsey Credit: Peter Gallienne