Sleet Caroline! Snow Alerts, strong winds and bitterly cold for the Channel Islands

Wintry showers and storm weather for many across United Kingdom Credit: Mark Butterworth

I love snow, and like many when Jersey Met forecast issue a snow alert or a warning, I always feel a sense of excitement at the rarity of a flake reaching the ground in the Channel Islands!

What could be better than a few flakes in December, especially so close to Christmas?

And after the excitement of the "snow" word, comes the traditional "concerns". Will the schools remain open, will the buses run, do the shops have any baked beans?!

It's all so exciting, but sadly, rarely amounts to much. I remember a few years ago when we had mountains of the stuff! It took me two hours to walk to work from St John in Jersey (the north of the island) to the studios near town in La Pouquelaye (south), and I felt as happy as a child as I sank to my knees in the crunchy snow - that was for the first hour! Then it wasn't quite as fun!

So what is forecast here? Well before the snow we welcome some affects from Storm Caroline. Storm Caroline will have an impact on everyone from Scotland to the islands. Scotland will be hardest hit by the third named storm of the year, with winds reaching 80mph, and here in the islands, the marina storm gate has been closed in Jersey. The strong winds are expected to reach us from this evening to Friday morning. Gale warnings have been issued in the UK and Scotland and here in the Channel Islands the worst of the winds are expected on Friday, when they will touch a strong force seven from the north west.

In addition to Storm Caroline's entrance, Jersey Met have issued the snow alert (yellow) for Jersey, advising of scattered sleet or snow showers with any small accumulations to be more for the higher areas of the island.

In addition to all of this the cold north-westerly winds will knock temperatures to highs of just 6 or 7 degrees, but when adding in the wind chill it's more likely to feel like +1 degree at best.

It's an interesting time to be presenting your weather and with only a few seconds to minutes to give you a full breakdown in the bulletins on ITV, I would also recommend following my twitter feed @SophiaWeather, where I update all day and with greater explanation!

Tonight however, in the news at 6pm I have lots of time to tell you about what is going to happen and I'd love your company, so do tune in, and when the snow arrives please remember to grab a couple of beautiful shots and send them in! We all love snow!

And finally wrap up warm, batten down the hatches, and enjoy the few flakes you see; things warm up again from Monday!