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Prices of taxis in Guernsey set to rise before Christmas

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Taxi prices are set to rise in Guernsey before Christmas.

The proposed increase is 2.5% during peak times and for journeys over 4.5 miles, and will come into force on 18th December.

The rise will be the first increase since November 2015.

The increase has been worked out based on the Halcrow formula, which is the agreed basis upon which maximum fares are calculated.

The Halcrow formula uses a taxi inflation formula (40%) and an average earnings figure (60%) to produce the propose percentage increase in fares.

Tariff 1 Journeys (Mon-Fri 7am-10pm & Sat-Sun 7am-7pm):

  • 2 mile journey will not increase and remain at £6.60
  • 4.5 mile journey will increase by 20p to £11.40

Tariff 2 Journeys (Mon-Fri 10pm-7am & Sat-Sun 7pm-7am & Public Holidays):

  • 2 mile journey will increase by 20p to £9.20
  • 4 mile journey will increase by 40p to £16.00
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The Committee for Environment & Infrastructure are asking the public to give their views before 12th December.

  • Submit comments to The Director of Traffic and Highway Services by letter or email